XBMC image for dual (part 2)


As I was unable to test by myself, my previous image for wandboard dual was not good at first try.
Yet, thanks to feedback from several users, now dual wandboard image is as easy to install as quad wandboard image.

You will find the new image here (md5sum is 011faad27ed394c2860ea43571a1f157)

Installation notes

These are the same as the ones for quad except that you have to repalce the wand.bin image name by wand_dual_ok

XBMC image for wandboard dual


Following several requests, I have just prepared an XBMC image which should work on wandboard dual.

How to install

Please have a look at XBMC on wandboard post.
Instructions are the same except :

  • You have to replace the filename wand.bin by wand_dual.bin
  • You have to connect a serial cable on db9 and to hit ESC on first boot. On uboot prompt, you have to type
set bootcmd ‘mmc dev 2; mmc read ${loadaddr} 0×800 0×1200; bootm’
set bootargs 'console=ttymxc0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootwait ro video=mxcfb0:dev=hdmi,1920x1080M@60,if=RGB24 rootwait'
run bootcmd

This specific step is required only once

NB : This post has just been updated on the 24th of July (and the image has also been updated.) Please Download again the image and check that the md5sum is df9b68ae2dc7342320018327d10774ff


XBMC on wandboard

I am pleased to announce a first image to evaluate my iMX6Q XBMC build on wandboard.

How to install

  • Download the compressed (xz) SDcard image
  • Extract it by using the xz utility :
xz -dv wand.bin.xz
  • Burn it on a sdcard (At least 2GiB) by using
dd if=wand.bin of=/dev/sdx bs=4M

With /dev/sdx being the sdcard device (for instance /dev/sdd)

How to test

Just Insert the sdcard and power up your board and you should be ready to give a try at it ! You can begin by playing the 2 1080p samples which are available on the sdcard.
Be aware that :

  • The Ethernet interface will try to grab its IP configuration using DHCP
  • you can login by using the account root/xbmcpoc
  • You can use the RS232 to login
  • A ssh server is up and running

There is also a micro synergy client available but it requires a few settings :

  • On the board, you have to set the synergy server address in /etc/hosts file (by setting an IP for synergy_server entry)
  • On you server, you have to set a configuration file with the “wandboard” client entry


  • spdif and analog audio (sgtl5000) output are voluntary disabled for now (so that xbmc properly selects HDMI as output for sound)
  • wifi is untested (likely not working)


This image includes:

  • uboot bootloader as it is packaged in several images from wandboard site
  • A linux kernel which is available here. This is my custom linux kernel for wandboard : I took the freescale official imx kernel from BSP V4.0.0 and I cherypicked all the commits that wandboard team applied on their android kernel.
  • A yocto RFS patched to insert
    • V4.0.0 GPU libraries
    • V4.0.0 firmware for VPU and VPU libraries
  • My “work in progress” XBMC for iMX6 which is available here.

Everything is still beta and my todo list is still quite long but it should enable you to give a first try to XBMC on this great board…

Any feedback is welcome
Best regards

Update : Following a user feedback, it appears that I forgot to remove my public key from /home/root/.ssh/authorized_keys. If you care about it, remove it….