XBMC on wandboard

I am pleased to announce a first image to evaluate my iMX6Q XBMC build on wandboard.

How to install

  • Download the compressed (xz) SDcard image
  • Extract it by using the xz utility :
xz -dv wand.bin.xz
  • Burn it on a sdcard (At least 2GiB) by using
dd if=wand.bin of=/dev/sdx bs=4M

With /dev/sdx being the sdcard device (for instance /dev/sdd)

How to test

Just Insert the sdcard and power up your board and you should be ready to give a try at it ! You can begin by playing the 2 1080p samples which are available on the sdcard.
Be aware that :

  • The Ethernet interface will try to grab its IP configuration using DHCP
  • you can login by using the account root/xbmcpoc
  • You can use the RS232 to login
  • A ssh server is up and running

There is also a micro synergy client available but it requires a few settings :

  • On the board, you have to set the synergy server address in /etc/hosts file (by setting an IP for synergy_server entry)
  • On you server, you have to set a configuration file with the “wandboard” client entry


  • spdif and analog audio (sgtl5000) output are voluntary disabled for now (so that xbmc properly selects HDMI as output for sound)
  • wifi is untested (likely not working)


This image includes:

  • uboot bootloader as it is packaged in several images from wandboard site
  • A linux kernel which is available here. This is my custom linux kernel for wandboard : I took the freescale official imx kernel from BSP V4.0.0 and I cherypicked all the commits that wandboard team applied on their android kernel.
  • A yocto RFS patched to insert
    • V4.0.0 GPU libraries
    • V4.0.0 firmware for VPU and VPU libraries
  • My “work in progress” XBMC for iMX6 which is available here.

Everything is still beta and my todo list is still quite long but it should enable you to give a first try to XBMC on this great board…

Any feedback is welcome
Best regards

Update : Following a user feedback, it appears that I forgot to remove my public key from /home/root/.ssh/authorized_keys. If you care about it, remove it….