XBMC image for dual (part 2)


As I was unable to test by myself, my previous image for wandboard dual was not good at first try.
Yet, thanks to feedback from several users, now dual wandboard image is as easy to install as quad wandboard image.

You will find the new image here (md5sum is 011faad27ed394c2860ea43571a1f157)

Installation notes

These are the same as the ones for quad except that you have to repalce the wand.bin image name by wand_dual_ok

2 thoughts on “XBMC image for dual (part 2)

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  2. Great stuff!
    i just started xbmc on wand dual and it works great.
    i’m having problems when connecting to some plugins or getting subtitles to movies using xbmc subtitles – although wandboard has internet, plugins dont find anything. did anyone have the same ?

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