iMX6 XBMC : What is coming next ?

Hi all,

After releasing an XBMC image for wandboard quad and wandboard dual, some of you could wonder : And next ?

Well, i, fact lots of bug fixes and enhancements are already planed. I have just setup a bug tracker to organize this work.
So, if you are curious you can have a look at my active tickets

And if you find a bug or think about an interesting improvement, you are also very welcome to log your own ticket…


6 thoughts on “iMX6 XBMC : What is coming next ?

    • Thanks Guillaume
      Yes I really think these products based on iMX6 can become very good media centers (among other things) and I am very happy to help with this task…

  1. Image works really nice on my quad core wandboard, thanks for great work.

    I added photos database and JSON support to XBMC core and rebased my code to yours.

    Could you please point me to some links how I could build the image my compiled XBMC for the quad core board?


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