A new image for Wandboard Quad has just been uploaded [here](
Early adopters can give it a try.
I will update this post to explain what is new in it.
I will also publish all my specific yocto recipes.
For other targets, do not worry : an image for wandboard dual will be released very soon and a tutorial to install on utilite published…

EDIT : The following

56 thoughts on “ARMHF XMBC image

  1. Stephan,

    It’s exciting to see how much progress you have made on XBMC for the iMX6, I’ve been away for awhile. I saw you have a fix for the codec crash and looked at the code. I would like to make the fix but not quite sure how.

    I’ve been following this:

    to learn how to use Yocto and have built an image for the Wandboard Dual using VirtualBox on my x86 machine. After you have posted your Yocto recipes and if I point to your Git repository will I be able to cross-compile and patch your code?


    • Hi Brett

      Nice to hear about you,
      Regarding the fix for the codec crash, it is included in the released image which contains my very last changes in XBMC for iMX6.

      If you already managed to build a yocto image then you should also be able to rebuild my image (by using my layer and moving to updated ones for others) : I will try to write a little tutorial which explains how to rebuild the whole thing…
      XBMC is part of my yocto recipes so you will be able to rebuild it of course. I will also explain how to rebuild it alone (without the whole yocto image build) by using the SDK I will publish
      At last, end users will have the opportunity to use the package manager (“smart” instead of “zypper” in this new image following the yocto move) to update xbmc each time I will rebuild an updated package and make it available in my repo…

      • Hi Stephan,

        You are really making a great job for the iMX6 !!
        I am really interested in reading your tutorial on how to build your image …
        Are you generating it from yocto ?! if so do you have a simpler way to compile it ?! Because yocto is such a heavy way to compile for embedded devices …
        Thank you for your reply !

        • Hi aurelihein,
          Thanks a lot, I am currently a little overwhelmed to write a tutorial and explain everything in details. For now, I work with yocto yes and it is a very good build system : The best one for embedded systems to my mind.
          Yet it is also the most difficult to adopt for newcomers and the learning curve is a little steep.
          As a workaround, I should publish geexbox images very soon !

    • ssh should not be disabled : Are you sure about it ?
      dropbear should be up and running !
      You get a valid IP address and are unable to connect ?
      root password should be empty with this image…

      • filezilla error
        Connection closed by server with exitcode 127

        errors detected
        I can not install any addon from xbmc addons
        the time and date not displayed correctly (spain 24 hours)
        BDRemux reproduced it pulls, I have tried several and all do the same

        sorry for my English

        • Thanks a lot for this feedback :

          – Could you please make a test with real clients instead of filezilla ?
          For instance putty for ssh or winscp for scp if you have windows as an OS on your host.

          – For time, my mistake I forgot to install a NTP client. I will solve it by providing a package for it…

          – ADDons issue is reproduced (something got wrong between my test image and the public release : I have to figure out the issue…)

          -BDremux : Sorry I don’t understand what you mean by “reproduced it pulls”

          Thanks again, you are facing all the first issues : Sorry for it 😉

          EDIT : Regarding the addons I have found the issue :
          The databases have been somehow altered !
          Please stop XBMC, log on the board and issue :
          rm -rf /home/root/.xbmc/userdata/Database/

            • OK libbluray has just been added in this image. So we may find some issues (and there are also some tickets in mainline xbmc so I will check whether it is not a known issue). Anyway the reason for this lack of fluidity has to be investigated : Do you have some specific entries in xbmc.log when it happens ? (you will find this file in /home/root/.xbmc/temp/ folder…)

    • hmm strange. At first sight I don’t understand as it works fine for me…
      From the serial line, could you check thanks to the ‘ps’ command whether the “dropbear” process is running or not ?
      Could you also have a look at /var/log/messages to check whether some errors related to this process are logged ?

  2. Stephan,
    Many thanks for all the hard work you have obviously put into this. This version is definitely working better than the first image which would crash after a few minutes for me.

    However, I am still seeing issues with this build after having tested for about an hour or so playing video files form an attached USB ext4 drive.

    Firstly, I had one crash of XBMC during video playback for no apparent reason, although the WB remained online and I was able to restart XBMC OK.

    Secondly, I’ve been seeing a lot of sync issues between sound and picture. These seem to occur more often with mp4 / mkv files rather than xvid / avi but do happen to both. Stepping back / forwards seems to guarantee this happening and at time with mp4 stepping b/f will cause playback to become very unstable or freeze altogether.

    Aside to this – I see there is no ntfs support and I can’t find ntfs through ‘smart’. Do you know of a way to get this? This is a bit of a deal breaker for me and I imagine a fair number of other users. (BTW NTFS is available in other Wandboard builds so should at least be possible).

    Thanks again.

    • Hi RichG,

      Thanks a lot for your feedback, Sorry that you still experience such issues : Be sure that I will track these instabilities…

      1. For the crash, I will try to write a little tutorial to explain the different pieces I need to be able to investigate when it happens : Basically, saving the dmesg output and the xbmc.log file may be really useful. I will also explain how to generate a core dump and upload it to my site so that I can debug post mortem…

      2. Really I don’t have frequent sync issues (But I always stream from my NAS over Ethernet so the USB drive use case may trigger an issue I am unable to see in my own tests…) . Again the xbmc.log file may hold some valuable hints to understand this problem. Also if you have a specific media which always exhibits this issue, it would be interesting to send it to me so that I can give it a try…

      3. You are perfectly right ! As I am not really a windows user for all my personal stuff, I not even though about enabling NTFS 😉 Shame on me. As you say, it should be helpful for many users and pretty easy to add ! I have just entered a ticket to be sure not to forget about it but I will address this VERY soon I promise 😉

      Edit : OK I have ntfs-3g up and working now. Tomorrow I will update the whole image…

      • Thanks for the response Stephan and the quick update for NTFS – will do some more testing when you’ve posted the new image.

        I’m happy to provide log files / dmesg / core dump when I see issues, I should have thought to do that yesterday. To send troublesome files might be a little more tricky (a particular .mkv was over 4GB in size).

        Interesting that you don’t see sync issues over ethernet – I would have expected that to have been worse if anything. I presume you are using HDMI audio like myself?


        • Hi Richard

          you’re welcome : The new image is almost ready for release and you will have access to your NTFS partitions…

          For sound sync issues, it may seem counter-intuitive but I really almost never have this kind of issue and when I had it, I was able to check that it was not a sound sync issue but a weird problem with dts management in fact. (Without logs and as an end user it may seem to be a sound issue for sure…)
          I confirm that I use HDMI sound for most of my tests but now in this image all sound interfaces work !


  3. Hi Stephan,

    thanks a lot for this new image.

    I observed a minor problem with changing the language. After having “pressed” the up or down button on the screen three to five times or so XBMC freezes. Choosing the language with the ENTER key of the keyboard is ok.


  4. Thanks for the new image! I’ve been testing the new image.

    Memory size is now OK
    NFS from XBMC is now OK

    – The only thing is that xbmc crashes repeatable while scanning my video library.
    – AirPlay option is now missing (did not work in the previous image)
    – Under international settings (System->Settings->Appearance->International) Timezone Country and Timezone are not selectable they contain ‘?0?’.

    NTP is missing (already mentioned).

    • Hi Jurgen

      As promised I solved these known issues yes (rootwait is also in the kernel parameters now…)

      – For NFS crashes, I also encounter a few crashes when I use libNFS so I have just entered a ticket and I will create core dumps and investigate (

      – Airplay ? What’s this ? a protocol to communicate with a brand which has always wanted to trap its customers into a specific and closed world ? (well at least during the 20 last years)
      Not sure, I consider this option as useful. Trolling is so good from times to times… 😉
      Let’s be serious : even if not my priority, I will try to enable this of course…

      – Timezone is a plain bug. New ticket for this :

  5. I got this armhf-xbmc running on my gk802 with a 4.0.0 kernel. It runs with the same errors as reported by others :). I have a heatsink on the cpu and temp is between 65-69. The cpu-usage on this is very good only 2-3%
    After some times it looks like fb turns off and screen gets black In dmesg I can see:
    mxc_hdmi mxc_hdmi: mxc_hdmi_phy_disable
    mxc_hdmi mxc_hdmi: mxc_hdmi_phy_disable – exit
    mxc_hdmi mxc_hdmi: event=FB_EVENT_BLANK – BLANK
    mxc_hdmi mxc_hdmi: mxc_hdmi_phy_disable

      • Oh. I just wanted to say it runs well, and havn’t found any new errors other than the hdmi turns black. This only happens when in video mode. From ssh it looks like all is running as normal except that the screen is turned off. I’ll also have this in dmesg a couple of times:
        No such IOCTL, cmd is 22032

        • Testing the hdmi-sleep a bit more.In consolemode not running xbmc the hdmi-output works ok. So if I in ssh kill xbmc and push some keys I get screen back. I can then start xbmc again.

          • OK, it is indeed good to say that once the overheating issue is properly solved and once rebased on 4.0.0 kernel, the GK802 is compatible with my RFS and a very capable device given its price.
            To be clear regarding other users, the overheating issue requires to forget about the stick form fact and to open the GK802 to add a heatsink on the chip. Maybe a good thermal pad would enable to keep the original stick form factor, but I have not yet tried nor read feedbacks with real good results (remaining under 70°C with your solution is definitively a good result for this device)
            Regarding your hdmi issue, HAve you double check that you have set the kernel parameter “consoleblank=0” in your bootargs ?

            PS : the ioctl cmd is 22032 warnings happen on all devices…

  6. Here is the new image with NTFS (ntfs-3g) support, without the addons issue (and under the hood, it is now almost a fully automatic built with yocto). It is available here : [EDIT : The image was altered, I have removed the link]
    Tomorrow night, I will post and explain what’s in it and my plan to solve remaining issues and improve it.

    • Thanks. You was right I ad not the consoleblank=0 on my gk802 build.
      I got one ‘vpu-interrupt’ that terminated xbmc when palying a video. Havn’t been able to reproduce it.

      I have problems with using this newest image. I use kpartx to get loopdevice for extracting partition 2 in your imagefile to get the rootfs to put on my gk802, but it failes for me on partition 2. The md5sum was right. kpartx -l sees both partitions but kpartx -a fails.
      Could it be the imagefile got some light corruption?

      • Hm you are right there is something wrong with the image when I try to use kpartx : I may have done a mistake in a hurry for delivery yesterday… I will solve it in a few minutes…

  7. Hi Stephan,

    Thanks for your new image.
    I got nice wallpaper on my GK802 – black screen with magic hat, 4 stars, “”.
    Is it ok?

    • Hi
      No I am very sorry : the last image is not correct.
      I am working on releasing a good one.
      (In fact I have just understood the issue : From times to times my sdcard reader disconnects from USB and my dump was altered …)

    • Thanks. I have it running on my GK802. Very good work. The top command is now not the embedded version one 🙂 and the Database is now ok for plugins.
      Things I have found so far:
      ntp still missing and timezone setting is still ?0?
      Language setting still crash

      One on my wantedlist 🙂 rsync ( I like to use it to transfer files)

      I have now tried on another 4.0.0 kernel by amary that hopefully will get into yocto and the temp is almost 10C higher on this kernel. I think it has fixed some wrong calculations so the temp on this one is more correct. I have also tried hardcoded the cpu to running 1.2Ghz and I can’t see any temp difference compared to 1,0Ghz except running some test its faster 🙂

      • Hi,

        For top, it is now the full featured version (the V3.2.8 from procps) instead of the busybox applet…
        For ntp please read my post :
        It is not in the image but you can install it very easily now.
        TZ and languages are known issues that have not yet been addressed…

        I have added rsync in my repo, you can install it by running :
        smart install rsync

        Hmm, temperature and GK802 is a real nightmare. Going to 80°C with a good heatsink on the chip is really worrying….
        Have you checked your governor with the newest kernel ? you can issue the following command to know about it :
        cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor

        • Thanks. I saw the update:) Do you have a list of packages you have put in the repo?

          My governor is performance
          The highest I got so far is 79 running with cpufreq at 1.2Ghz. When watching videos it goes down to low 60’s.

          • The available packages can be listed by :
            smart search *
            If you need others, do not hesitate to ask, I will quickly add them if the recipes are available…

            Was you previous kernel also in performance mode or on ondemand ? It may explain the temp difference…
            It is not a big surprise that temp is lower during playback, the GPU which is far more used on GUI has always been a stronger contributor to this overheating issue…

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  9. After some tests I found that if I start big_buck_bunny_1080p_stereo.avi as first video it crash,
    but if I start first and then try to play
    big_buck_bunny_1080p_stereo.avi it starts to play but use a cpu 200% so the cpu gets really hot and the video plays choppy so it doesn’t look like it uses the vpu to decode that one.

      • OK. Didn’t notice that 🙂
        I have problems with perl, is it fully installed?
        perl -MCPAN -e shell
        Can’t locate in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/lib/perl/site_perl/5.14.3/ /usr/lib/perl/site_perl/5.14.3 /usr/lib/perl/vendor_perl/5.14.3/ /usr/lib/perl/vendor_perl/5.14.3 /usr/lib/perl/5.14.3/ /usr/lib/perl/5.14.3 /usr/local/lib/site_perl /usr/lib/perl/5.14.3 .).


          • Hi

            Sorry for my late answer : You found by yourself how to install the missing packages …
            smart is already configured with the repository you mention in the delivered image but in case you want to add it manually it is worth noting.

            At last, yes : the way to update xbmc (and other packages) will definitively be the one you describe (But I have not yet provided a new package…)


  10. hallo,
    thank you for doing this job.
    but i must report some problems.
    1) i cannot get wifi to work on wandboard quad c1 wit your image. Instant nm found no devices. How do i fix it?
    2) in github xbmc-imx i found readme and folowed instruktions, but configuring fails. At first i can not get all required packages from your list. Some of them not existing in repsitories. I found substitutes for those packages by researching www. But configure still fails with something like “maybe you have not all libraries”. in log file i coud not found what libraries are missing. Is there somewhere updated “readme”? Has someone tryied to compile xbmc for wandboard quad c1 runing ubuntu?
    best regards

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