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In a previous post, I said I will publish some additional benchmarks regarding utilite product. Unfortunately I had no opportunity to run and publish these benchmarks so far.
That’s why, I am pleased to share with you the comparative benchmarks between Rpi and utilite which have just been updated by Peter on is website.
Beyond these numbers, I would also like to underline that utilite is the only iMX6 product I am aware of which has a real gbps Ethernet controller.
Indeed other iMX6 products only have a Ethernet port connected to the internal ENET interface which is subject to 470 Mbps limitation (total for Tx and Rx) due to internal bus throughput. For details, see the ERR004512 erratum in the i.MX6Dual/6Quad errata document IMX6DQCE. Utilite pro has a second gpbs ethernet interface which is connected to PCIe and which is not subject to this limitation (of course the other port is concerned by the limitation)…

Odds are high I will speak about this device soon as installing an alternative image on SSD may interest some people while the first units are shipped…

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