geeXboX for utilite

Hi all,

I am happy to announce that utilite is an official target of the brand new geeXboX V3.1.
All my recent work related to XBMC and CEC is now properly packaged in this distro.
I warmly thank the geeXboX team for welcoming me in the team and for allowing utilite to become a supported target.

You can download the image here.

To install this image on a sdcard, please use this make-sdcard script and have a look at the geeXboX documentation

Edit : Following several requests, here is a 4GiB sdcard image ready to be burned -MD5sum is ceab483a976d8f67d4f40882f237ae68-

I know that some of you were expecting such a news and I hope that it will enable for a smooth experience.

Kind regards