Udoo is a dev board which was funded by a kickstarter project.
During these last years, I am convinced that many people have though : Why the hell there is not a single modern dev board (pandaboard, beaglebone, Rpi, cubieboard…) which strives to provide some sort of real compatibility with the arduino ecosystem ?
It would be the best of two worlds : A modern a powerful system on chip and the availability of so many sketches for all and any crazy projects…
Udoo exactly solves this absurdity by coupling a freescale iMX6 and a Atmel SAM3X8E (arduino due) !
Thus, this board is obviously very attractive for DIY enthusiasts and I am very pleased to make my iMX6 XBMC work available for it.


I have just packaged the recent u-boot 2013-10 for udoo and upgraded the 2.6.35_4.0.0 udoo kernel to 2.6.35_4.1.0 so that my last image can be available for this exciting platform.
I also added all relevant recipes in my yocto layer : The new machines are udoo-quad and udoo-dual
That being said, my previous post is fully relevant for any other topics (installation, bug reports, distro generation and so on…)

  • The udoo-quad image is available for download – md5sum 676736f4c0a139ba9ecd48ec5c7be29b
  • The udoo-dual image is available for download – md5sum 53773dd84d97bbbd25aa008ab250ddac

This is a first release which may be quite rough but it will improve over time of course…
Discussion about this image can happen in udoo forums