XBMC on utilite SSD


I have stated several times that the XBMC image can perfectly be run from the the SSD on the utilite pro.
Yet, as I wanted users to be able to easily revert to another installation, I have not publicly published the way to run the XBMC image from the SDD so far.
Very recently, Compulab published the way to fully reinstall their official image on SSD on utilite wiki.
So it is time that I describe how to install the XBMC image on this SSD !

Installation how-to

First, you have to follow compulab wiki to create a SDcard.
Here is a quick summary (You need a Linux host) :

sudo SD=/dev/sdX ROOTFS_IMAGE=./utilite_ubuntu-12.04.3_2013-12-11.tar.bz2 ./dep-procedure.sh

with /dev/sdX being the SDCard device.

  • Insert the SDcard in utilite and boot your device with this fresh image
  • Configure Network and download my XBMC image on the utilite.
  • Download again the installation script
  • And launch it that way :
sudo SSD=/dev/sda ROOTFS_IMAGE=./xbmc-image-utilite_ssd.tar.bz2 ./dep-procedure.sh
  • When the script is finished, turn off the utilite, remove the sdcard and you are done !

You can now power on the device and enjoy your SSD…