XBMC development for i.MX6 : A new organization


As you know, I have been working on XBMC iMX6 support for a few months.
Last week, a major contribution was submitted by Chris (Koying) to enable rendering using Vivante direct texture extensions.
It was the opportunity to discuss how we could organize to upstream the imx6 support and a new way of working has just been defined.

New way of working

First of all, following Chris advice, I have created a github organization xbmc-imx6.
Please note that this account is now the place where i.MX6 development effort for XBMC will take place.
It aims at easing developers collaboration and at preparing a pull request on XBMC main repository to add official support.

Here are a few guidelines (which have been discussed here)

  • The branch master-pr will be the one which is ready for the “final” PR in XBMC main repository. This branch will be rebased vs xbmc master and it will be kept in sync with local master once a week.
  • The branch master will hold the current state of the art of this imx6 version : It will not be rebased against xbmc master but required changes (spotted while rebasing master-pr) will be merged.
    These 2 branches may seem weird at first sight : it is a way to keep a branch (master) that can be used for packaging (as git hashes will be stable on this one) and another one (master-pr) which is always ready for a PR in xbmc main repo.
  • In this imx6 repository developers can have their own branch but there is absolutely no guaranty about the content and stability of these branches. So, it is highly discouraged to build them or to directly cherry pick commits.
  • Locally, all commits into master are subject to a PR :
    • PR requires at least a review/comment from another developer before being merged. Exceptions are trivial fixes such as : comments fixes, cosmetics changes, very simple fixes that are urgently required to stabilize master branch (ie guard against NULL pointer).
    • I will have to confirm any major PR : Anything that changes the current logic or adds a new functionality.
    • A 24hours delay after the last comment will always be observed before closing a PR to deal with different TZ and availability of the members
  • At last, in xbmc-imx6 account, the issues will be the favorite place
    • to discuss new feature to be implemented (and assign job to prevent work duplication)
    • to exchange regarding this iMX6 development
    • to report bugs (if any lol)

Last but not least, everyone is welcome and any contributions will be very appreciated…


I am very happy with this change and I thank warmly Chris and Jan who are already very active to bring this i.MX6 version to a state that will allow upstreaming…