kodi official support for i.MX6

Hi all,

With a little delay, I share with you this great news : The PR5202 I issued to add official i.MX6 support in Kodi was merged a month ago.
It is a major milestone that happens more than one year after I began to work on this support and I would like to thank warmly people who helped for the development (Jan, Chris, Rudi, Thomas…), distro which provided early support (Geexbox, archlinux arm, openelec…), companies who sent to me free samples (compulab, solid-run, udoo, tbsdtv) and all users who have praised or blamed this work !
It is not the end : I am very happy to announce that kodi team has welcomed me as a core team member so that i will continue to support that code upstream.
Regarding the xbmc-imx6 repository, it remains active for now because I will maintain its master branch which is based on Gotham at least as long as helix is not a stable release.
Of course, all helix stuff will directly be subject to PR in official xbmc repo which is now the place where main development happens.