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    I’m fairly sure, that this is a stupid question, but how can you Start xbmc on Stephans image manually?

    Hope you guys can hell me.

    Thanks in advance!




    kodi executable is :
    there is an alias ‘x’ to launch quickly without remembering the whole path…




    Thank you Stéphan!

    Much appreciated!



    I just got one residual problem.

    The reason I asked in the first place was because XBMC won’t launch on boot anymore. I thought if i start it manually and close it from within XBMC it will rectify that problem, but it persists.
    If i launch XBMC using ssh now, I have to stay connected. When I close putty on my windows machine, XBMC closes as well.
    The problem started when I tried to install java because I wanted to run a Minecraft server (which worked).

    Obviously I don’t want to leave putty open whenever I want to watch a movie. Do you have any idea how I can fix this problem without having to re-flasj my SD Card?

    Again. Thanks for your help it is very much appreciated!




    Hi Kevin,

    Sorry for the delay of my answer I missed your 2nd post
    You want to launch from ssh and you don’t want to kill xbmc when you disconnect right ?
    if so you can launch xbmc that way :

    nohup /imx6/xbmc/lib/xbmc/xbmc.bin &




    Hi Stéphan,

    in the meantime I reflashed my SD-Sard, so I should not run into this problem right now. Do you have any idea why “Installing” java(I only cp’d the files to an apropriate folder on the system and started everything manually, so I didn’t really install it) might cause the autostart to fail?
    Is there a more up-to-date version of your image than the wandq__yocto_v0.0.4 one?

    Kind Regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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