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    Hi Stehpan,

    at first big big thank you for your great work!

    The last image, I have used is the yocto wandboard quad image ( provided in january this year with the Gotham Alpha Release )

    Now the “Gotham 13.1 Gotham returns” is the latest version. I have found this link:

    which contains the rpm (btw – is this the 13.1 version?):

    What do I have to do to use this latest image for my wandboard?

    Do I have to download the wandq__yocto_v0.0.4.img.xz image file and to replace the existing /imx6/xmbc with the /imx6/xbmc from the rpm file?

    Or what is the best way to use the rpm file containing the lateset XBMC version?


    Kind regards!


    Hi christian

    You can directly install the RPM you have found, it is sync’ed with Gotham 13.1 and you will have lots of improvements compared to the version you currently use..
    If smart is working correctly it should install the new XBMC rpm on update but I know some images had issues with smart.
    If it is your case,
    – download the rpm
    – Stop XBMC (by the GUI or by issuing the command “killall xbmc.bin”)
    – install the RPM
    rpm -ivh ./xbmc-13-r1.1.wandboard_quad.rpm

    If you wish the manual extraction of the files from the image would also work…




    thanks for your response : )

    I will try it.



    Hi Stephan,

    after using your image wandq_yocto_v0.0.7.img.xz for a while, my wandboard quad is crashing several times. Mainly when I press the ‘pause button’ when watching a film or TV Show.

    At the moment I’m watching for an update ( RPM or new image –> 0.0.8 or so ) With the wandq_yocto_v0.0.4.img.xz image I did not have so issues ( but I wont go back to the alpha4 version )

    Another issue is, that it is with the 0.0.7 image impossible to resize the partition ( using the remaining space of the sd-card ) after copying it to the sd-card using ‘dd’. GParted will abort the procedure…

    My question:
    Are you planning to release a newer yocto-xbmc ( wandboard quad ) image or to release a newer RPM ( 13.2 betaX or so )? Or do you already have a newer image? Can you tell me the download link? Maybe you also have an idea, why xbmc is crashing at my wboard?!

    Thank you!

    Cheers Christian

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