This page describes how to install yocto images.

SDcard installation

The provided images target 2GiB sdcards.

  • Download the relevant image for you device
  • Extract it by using the xz utility :
xz -dv image_name.bin.xz
  • Burn it on a sdcard by using
dd if=image_name.bin of=/dev/sdx bs=4M

With /dev/sdx being the sdcard device (for instance /dev/sdd)

Optionally, you can use gparted to resize the second partition/FS and benefit from all the available space on your card.

Utilite SSD installation

If you have a utilite pro and wish to install the image on the SSD, you can do so by following the instructions of this paragraph.

First, you have to follow compulab wiki to create a SDcard.
Here is a quick summary (You need a Linux host) :

chmod +x ./
sudo SD=/dev/sdX ROOTFS_IMAGE=./utilite_ubuntu-12.04.3_2013-12-11.tar.bz2 ./

with /dev/sdX being the SDCard device.

  • Insert the SDcard in utilite and boot your device with this fresh image
  • Configure Network and download my SSD XBMC image on the utilite.
  • Download again the installation script
  • And launch it that way :
chmod +x ./
sudo SSD=/dev/sda ROOTFS_IMAGE=./xbmc-image-utilite_ssd.tar.bz2 ./
  • When the script is finished, turn off the utilite, remove the sdcard and you are done !

You can now power on the device and enjoy your SSD…

How to use

At startup, XBMC is automatically launched, just have fun…
Be aware that :

  • login is root and password is empty
  • You have a shell on the serial line interface (115200n8)
  • A ssh/scp server is up and running
  • Your wired Ethernet (in case of utilite, the default Ethernet port is the one in the middle of the rear panel) will be configured by DHCP and you can setup wifi thanks to the XBMC nm addon

10 thoughts on “Installation

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  2. Today my new Utilite Standard arrived. So far I gave the last snapshot of Geexbox for Utilite a try, but unfortunatly i was not able to get Analog Sound neither my Samsys LCD TC to work properly.
    I tried to put your XBMC Image to SD Card but unfortunatly it does not boot up.
    The Installation Script runs without any error:
    sudo SSD=/dev/sdd ROOTFS_IMAGE=./xbmc-image-utilite_ssd.tar.bz2 ./
    Any help? Do you think the problems I have with the offical geexbox snapshot are solved in your release?

    • Hi,

      I think you “only” have a bad default setting for mixer
      Launch alsamixer, enable output mixer hifi and raise master volume…
      On my own image I can script these settings that way
      amixer cset numid=14 1
      amixer cset numid=1 124

      Best regards

      • So far so good, thanks for the hint with the Master Volume! I installed the XBMC Audio Mixer and demuted the Matster Volume Channel. Analog sound is Okay now. Unfortunatly still no picture on my Samsung TV on any of the HDMI Ports. Any Solution for that?
        Maybe a diffrent X11 xorg.conf needed and the handshake between my Samsung LC40750 and the utilite does not work properly?

  3. What is the status of support for HD audio, support for DTS, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD and the like? Thanks.

  4. Hi Stephan,

    I tried your latest Wandboard Quad image on the revision C1 board. Booting is fine and the Ethernet connection works well. However the new BCM4330 Wifi interface is not recognised.
    How can I update this on the image? Seems that the root login password is not empty.

    Thanks for all your efforts in taking this forward!

    • hallo,
      i have no internet conection with img 004 on wandboard quad c1. Network manager not founding any wifi device. Can i configure it manualy or something?
      best regards

  5. Hi Stephan,

    I’m trying to download your latest Wandboard Quad image but after downloading the file size seems to be only 32 kB and it doesn’t want to extract.

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