Yet another yocto image


I am pleased to announce that a new yocto based image (v0.0.4) with my newest XBMC for iMX6 is now available.
I would like to thanks all people who helped me to improve the current state of XBMC.
This image is an update of the previous one and is built in a similar way (Thanks to yocto dora)
Note that this image is rather for advanced users who want to give a try at the current state of XBMC for iMX6. Many users will prefer other well packaged distros like geeXboX or openelec.

The image is currently available for the following devices :

  • Wandboard Dual and Quad
  • Utilite : I have a pro model but it may work on other variants (untested for now)
  • udoo Dual and Quad

What’s new

This image packages XBMC Gotham Alpha 11 (12/31/2013) with my specific changes for iMX6.
The biggest changes compared to the previous one are :

  • Full liveTV support (with support for hardware deinterlacing)
  • Solve issues with some videos which were jerky
  • The “noise” on SPDIF is worked around
  • Kernel configuration also enablse many new options and drivers (especially most DVB USB drivers)


Here are the files :


I have updated the website to provide direct access to frequently used instructions.
For installation, you can refer to this page (It is also available in the menu header->howto->installation)

Also for liveTV, note that all XBMC clients are packaged.

If you want to plug a tuner on your target itself, most kernel USB DVD drivers are available.
Firmwares are not available by default in the Root FileSystem but the command :


will enable to download firmware for common devices..

tvheadend is running but you have to configure it a first time. To do so :

killall tvheadend
tvheadend -C

Then connect to you web interface : http://yourip:9981

Known issues

  • Some interlaced H264 1080p streams @50fps or @60fps are not played smoothly
  • HDMI passthrough for HD audio does not work
  • lirc is not properly configured to function properly “out of the box”
    Yet everything is available if you have a working driver (the driver for cheap IR receiver is available in wandboard image)
    You can launch lircd that way :
lircd -d /dev/lirc0 /etc/lircd.conf –output=/dev/lircd

And then xbmc that way,

/imx6/xbmc/lib/xbmc/xbmc.bin -l /dev/lircd

At last, the Smart packages updater has a few issues in this release :
If the update command

smart update

does not work in spite of working internet connection, then, issue the following commands :

rm -rf /var/lib/smart/
smart channel --add wolf_repo type=rpm-md baseurl=

For obscure reasons, smart is fooled in thinking that some basics packages are not installed (while they are ) and fails when it tries to reinstall them…
As a workaround, when you install a package, use the stepped option :

smart install --stepped your_package

and refuse installation of already installed packages…

Bugs Report

I have created a forum to discuss issues.
Please use it instead of comments as it should be more appropriate…


Lots of work has been addressed since the previous version.
I hope you will be able to witness the improvements and to enjoy liveTV.
Please understand that I cannot dedicate too much time for the packaging itself as I still have to focus on XBMC development and improvement…

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